"There is a face under your hair,  you must look in the mirror." - Rosy and Maria Carita.

Over 60 years ago, Maria and Rosy Carita, two visionary, strong-willed sisters put all of their talent to the service of women’s beauty. Beauty has a name and a story. The Carita sisters were astonishing women with incandescent talent and a desire to find the truth of beauty in life. They brought so many ideas to life and explored paths with one thought in mind. 

They were known as the CARITA sisters. Maria was the fair-haired artist. Rosy was the dark-haired, businessminded one. Both were passionate, determined women. Two women who were among the first to run a business in a world dominated by men. Two women hairstylists who understood that beauty is not just a question of a haircut. Two women obsessed with the desire to make others – both men and women – more attractive. Two women hairstylists who created a new type of cosmetics – lighter, more fluid, more modern. Two women who invented the concept of Global Beauty: cosmetics for the face, hair and body. The sisters were authoritative and demanding with their staff. While never handing out a compliment, they entrusted their employees with important responsibilities, gaining their deep yet apprehensive respect.  They built an empire with their hard work, talent, daring and sharp thinking, as well as their expertise in training others, transmitting their know-how and always choosing the best partners. 

Natives of Toulouse, they did not shy away from overturning conventional ideas, allowing them to become the leading female hairstylists in Paris.

In 1945, they initially set up their salon at 5 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, before creating the legendary setting of The House of Beauty at 11 rue du Faubourg St Honoré.
Celebrities such as Catherine Deneuve, Mireille Darc, Sylvie Vartan, Mireille Mathieu, or Claude François had found their happiness at the Carita's.  Carita sisters also opened an aestheticism school n°14 Faubourg St Honoré street, to teach the art of beauty and hairdressing. 

Very quickly, their creativity and daring led them to collaborate with the young avant-garde fashion designers of the age, the future top names in French Haute Couture. Their expertise and flair won over the stars in search of something new.

The Carita sisters have bequeathed a unique, intact heritage: a beauty brand of international repute, whose conceptual originality lies in the perfect combination of luxury, femininity and the skill of top beauty professionals.